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At Busy Shoes we try to use the best products available.  We understand that your shoes like old friends, you want to treat them well because they've been so good to you.

We use materials that are going to wear the best so you get the most value. Products such as Vibram, Advanti, Topy, Rocca, and other quality brands ensure you get the most out of your repair.

When it comes to our retail products, we have a nice sized selection so you have a vairety of options to choose from. Products range from Superfeet, Powerstep, Spenco, Pedag, to Tacco. Prices vary depending on product and brand.

When your shoes become worn out, there are many ways to repair them. Busy Shoes specializes in repairing heels, soles, and various stitching and gluing projects on shoes for men, women and kids.

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